Who We Are

My name is Bassam Eleiwi. I was born in Damascus in Syria. I have obtained my Cambridge Certificate of English in 1982 and Studied Internet Journalism at London School of Journalism.
I started my career as a private English language teacher, and held a number of posts with various organizations in Damascus such as The British Embassy, Damascus Language Institute, Nour Esham Book Centre, and for the last twenty five years with an International Oil & Gas Company.
I started the journey of writing in the nineties with articles for the company's newsletter. I was lucky enough to visit many universities and their libraries in Europe and have come across unique materials and literatures about the Arabic-speaking societies, history and culture.
It is pity that the general public of these societies does not have passion for books and reading. They are, to a certain extent, bewildered between directed media, and poor press quality 
My motto is "The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword". I am a peace-loving man. I value life and fond of freedom. I believe that all human beings as individuals have equal rights in life. Mankind is the most valuable existent in the whole universe. Mankind is the symbol of thinking and reasoning. Mankind is the great genius of science and Literature.
If you are looking for an objective and neutral piece of reading to enrich your knowledge about the Arab world, then you are most welcome at The Arabic-Speaking Peoples Forum..........