Culture of Fear
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  The Culture of Fear

What prompted these groups,which include intellectuals, professors and teachers to believe,in the hearts of their hearts, in inevitable truth of sayings of astrologers,forecasters and expecters? Dozens of books, that adopted modern concepts in making and designing the future to feed the instinct of fear, did not help in containing this mass hysteria

Moreover, human's fear of the unknown is not limited to disastrous endings,but fear antecedes it by thousands of steps which we live everyday. fear of joining a work that we may fail in, of meeting a disinclining person or fear of failing to keep an appointment. fear of expressing an opinion and listening to the other opinion, and we suffer a fear of change despite the fact that it is the best, and a fear of love because it may not fit. We also suffer a fear of the other because we know nothing but what we are familiar with. A fear of a cold that might sicken; of a heat that might destroy and of a repast that might increase the weight

But what about the fear that binds

The fear in it's common psychological sense-individual or collective- forms one of the human's features because it is a survival's instinct. While the culture of fear reflects an existential attitude inherent in human life, boosted by different interpretations of many existential, human and natural phenomena. and human being tried to free himself from many of the perceptions related to what is surrounding him of myths, legends and phenomena. And perhaps the "fear" that found in our society a warm bosom, and thus became inherent in individual even after attaining a degree of maturity, awareness and independency; this fear had been rooted in the care of guardians who carefully planted it in souls in the name of respect so that we do no know when to be afraid and when we respect! Now, is respect coupled, necessarily, with fear or each has it's own destination

There is no doubt about it, this self-fearing fear has never slackened in derivating and dedicating other concepts as a form of dependency, subordination, loss of self-confidence and lack of daring as a way during our entering upon each new adventure. This is what makes us afraid of each action we undertake even if it is useful; what makes us fear everyone we deal with when he is more learned or overpowering us. Furthermore, the multiplicity of interpretations and explanations, mixing myth with fable in many ways and the publicity of culture of ignorance as well as oral culture, altogether, have reinforced the culture of fear. Hence, this culture has been reflected on people in the Arab World as a result of historical accumulations;l some of which are family,class and tribal upbringing in social aspect; and some are the absence of the concept of political pluralism and social injustice. Further, there are some more aspects including gap's widening between the haves and the have-nots on the economic level and psychological disruptions as well as the irregular practices that govern the dominating ethics among individuals, groups, rulers, ruled people, employers and employees, etc

Moreover, we may note- with time passing- a marked increase in elements that increase the ascendancy of terror and spread of it's culture in the whole world. The culture of fearing what is coming has been reinforced taking many forms; fear of future:job loss, poverty, disease and senility. There is also a fear of feeling insecure, in the form of a hidden enemy awaits by the first turn; an enemy that might be a thief, a criminal or a deviant; possibly in the form of a daredevil driver, a sudden fire, tornado or volcano. Along with direct violations of personal liberty in the form of a spy on private affairs and punishing for opinion, position or trend unsystematically, illegally or immorally according to dominating conventions
Moreover, our Arabian society seems to be a mine of fear;s culture at these levels all. As a matter of fact, family upbringing looks to be the first building block in the construction of fear's culture. In the field of marital and family relations, for example, relation between masculinity and femininity seems to be one of fear and contradiction that may generate introspected hatred; for the simple reason that male exploits his advantage for sowing fear in the female's heart. Similarly, fear spread among a serial ranks in any field of work. Subordinate, for instance, lives always a near panic state of unknown fate, and the same applies to the social feudal structure which plants fear as a result of contradictions that give priority to hate-coated individual selfish interests over common human denominators dispersing features of revenge, vengeance and hate; and establishing culture of fear. Therefore, if fear is mostly the female's share, man also has his own share of this fear at existential, humanitarian, social, economic and political levels
There is no doubt about it, culture of fear in Arabic novel is complex and ambiguous. So we can not find apparent limits between fear's maker and fearsome person; for fear is planted in the hearts of both victim and executioner as if they were lurking one another. This situation applies to various functions and structural sequences of man and woman, manager and officer, governor and governed rich and poor, etc

It is nice to be afraid; so beware and pay attention. Similarly, it is good to take into account positions of others in every step we take. It is great also to have a predictive outlook on future and it's difficulties so that we work continuously to improve our performance according to our plans, in order to ensure attaining confidence and respect of others. But what we are actually afraid of is to be fainthearted for fear's sake; for inacting and unmoving so that we become afraid of others or from the unknown concerning everything we do, even if it results in a benefit-legitimate- and advancement for individual or group. Further, situation here is not related to cases of confusion because such cases could be overtaken, and it is not related also to morbid cases, because some normal people are rather misfit, but it is related mainly to the ability of conciliation in answering the following two questions: "who am I from my point of view? and who am I from others' perspective?" Accordingly, not giving each party his right to reply and respond at the same time will be certainly up to a major issue embodied in upbringing which is often shaky by it self and that makes it shaker to individual and society alike
Finally, what really worries us and we think about a lot is whichever the reason and whichever the result? Do we have a culture of fear in our society because of the use of method of intimidating fo so long? Or are we used to use the method of intimidation because culture of fear is spread in our society



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