Ethics Renaissance of The Nation
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Morality is Renaissance of Nation
By Wael Al Hassan

…… ...Therefore, we can say that secret of renaissance and progress of nations lies in their collective awareness that reunites them on one goal stems from a common identity. This collective awareness might be a reason for progress of nations or one for fragmentizing them; it could be a cause of rising or one for surrender when facing plight or defeat. Then, for creating collective awareness for nations, we need to agree on identity and principles that make people revolve around a goal that unites their path. Because geography, living together and sharing the same areas are necessary factors but they are insufficient by themselves to build collective consciousness, for the simple reason that rival tribes may live in a particular region and each has a different identity and different purpose, because their area is one while their objectives are different

      Moreover, when applying this assumption on renaissance of Arab World, we find that religion of Arabs included a set of principles and ethics that gathered the East around it. And with spread of Arabic language, the identity became a gathering factor of various peoples; even of those who are not native speakers of Arabic. It has become a deterring and collective crucible that gathered peoples of the East around common principles and harmonious thought. It is an identity that the mosaic fabric of which has been woven by peoples of diverse ethnicities and languages including Persian, Turkish, Urdu and Malay.etc. And peoples of the East became fully confident that they are capable of creating a better tomorrow at all levels and in all fields: physical, spiritual and intellectual. Accordingly, science prevailed and industry flourished
      All over again, when applying the same assumption on Western peoples in Europe and in America, we find that renaissance was accompanied by a sense of common identity (Greek, Roman and Christian) which unites Europeans against the world; a sense of power and force originally derived from rapid victories against indigenous peoples in the continents of America and Australia. Accompanied by materialistic power, this confidence evolved till it reached era of colonalization. And the excessive confidence along with a sense of unique identity transformed into a morbid state; the heyday of which is manifested in Nazism and Fascism with all what they mean of racism and persecution of other races

      Therefore, it is not enough, for our rising, to have a constitution, a law or a formal democracy only, but there should be above all a collective awareness to make people adhering to activating the principles of supremacy of law and applying its principles and requirements for fulfilling a comprehensive renaissance with all its material, intellectual and spiritual elements

      In East, identity of awareness and tint of rise should be Arabic. But once again, this is not enough by itself, because the awareness and the rise must be built upon ethics that guarantee maintaining homogeneity of this identity. Rather! Morality must be the original axis of this collective awareness. This is because principles which include teachings such as: Do not kill! Do not lie! Do not cheat! Do not steal! are capable of keeping any humanitarian entity and protecting it against getting lost. But if these principles have been provided with a positive spirit, then honesty becomes a central component of identity and culture. Then here lies the very creating of identity, not just the protection of which. And at this point, collective identity and collective awareness become honour, and the humanitarian society, which believes that there should be a collective consciousness revolving around fulfilling noble aims, becomes a one united unit
        At this stage, each member of the community has his own dignity and integrity that prevent him from doing bad things or committing immoralities. And at this very stage, lies become fault and cheating becomes an insult that cannot be accepted by an associate member of such a community. Meanwhile, everyone in a dismembered group make use of opportunism that allows them to do anything and everything to achieve a passing interest or a meager gain. In such a case, man may steal, cheat, betray or lie for getting trivial things or even for nothing. Accordingly, wrongdoing turns into a crippling and irremediable disease. Even man's treason of his own homeland becomes a necessity for making money required by his need to survive

       Finally, if we are to achieve the moral renaissance of East, we have to do our best to rebuild four institutions: education, media, NGOs and enlightened government, on condition that the source of such rebuilding must be identity and spirit of civilization, and that destination should be renaissance of the East, and that morality would be practical and realistic application in everyday life for all of those who may live this project.


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