Human Development Building Man and Homeland
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 Human Development Building Man and Homelands

By Wael Al Hasan
Since the last decade of the twentieth century, the concept of human development has emerged . Accordingly interest in human issues and rights has increased and the human being has been given more care in the fields of culture, education and bringing up as well as in the field of analyzing its components and dimensions such as basic needs, social development, human capital forming, rising the standard of living or improving the quality of life.

 Moreover, value of man lies inside him and it is derived from himself and from his dignity because he was created for nothing but to fill earth with good deeds . And the conviction that the human being is the main axis of development became deep-rooted . The concept of human development grew more evident after the end of the world war.It then began the evolution of the concept of economic development accompanied by the emergence of human development to speed up achieving development for accelerating going out of the dark tunnel that humanity entered because of wars. And all of that was atonement by warring nations for sin committed by them against the human being that was fuel for heavy wars. Since then ,the United Nations has launched a policy of human development with the poor nations to help them to get rid of poverty that they suffer. Furthermore, the UN has shown interest in the concept of human development through the Universal Declaration of human rights, where many definitions of the concept of human development have been stated. In the introduction of the Universal Declaration concerning the right of Development, the following points have been mentioned: "Development is the process of comprehensive economic, social, cultural and political motion aims at achieving continuous progress in the lives of all people and their well-being. This process is based on the contribution of all individuals actively and freely in the development, and on the basis of equitable distribution of its revenues." Meanwhile, the General Assembly of UN recognizes that "human being is the central subject of development's process and that developmental policy should make human being the main participant in , and beneficiary of the developmental process. And the General Assembly recognizes that creating conditions which help the development of peoples and individuals is the primary responsibility of governments. It , also recognizes that the global efforts dedicated to develop a commitment to human rights and defending it must be accompanied by similar efforts for establishing a new world economic system. Further to what has been mentioned, interest in the term:     human development, increased since the 1990s and became evident in the minutes   of meetings and in speeches of leaders as well as political and economic decision makers' orations. Then more attention has been paid to this term worldwide ever since. And the UNs' Development Program as well as the annual human development reports played a prominent role in disseminating and consolidating this term. Concerning this matter, the UN issued in 1994 the development's report which stressed that human development is a model of development through which all persons may extend their ranges of capabilities to the maximum extent possible and employ it the best way possible in all fields. The report protects also options for generations unborn yet. Finally, it concludes that sustainable development addresses the issue of equity within a generation and through successive generations.

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