Al Sisi and The Road of Thorns
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AL Sisi and the Way of Thorns
By Sharqawi Hedieri


The current stage requires us to work hard to get out of the quagmire of crises that got us in the former reigns and led to a near-collapsing


Position in the fields of both economy and politics. Moreover, the crises are facing the new leadership of the country constantly and the leadership is striving to resolve them. But the capabilities compared to the size of those crises are almost nothing, for the country's economy is facing a crisis and a war at home and abroad from international organizations that aspire to ruin it and make itcollapse. And some regional countries promise to help, but never fulfill their promises and ask for rewards inadvance and they take a lot and give a little.
So difficulties that confront the new leadership of the country are plenty, for sectors of economy suffer a recession that might be intentionally caused by investors and businessmen.
Furthermore, promises that have been made in stage of isolating supporters of previous eras evaporated except those that have been given to Arabian or Egyptian businessmen. For instance, sector of tourism"One of the most important sectors in the economy" witnesses weak growth or limited one compared to possibilities available. And hopes are pinned, hopefully ,on the new project of Suez Canal if managed well and saved from beneficiaries and opportunists, and interested groups of corruptedbusinessmen and our country is full of them nowadays. Those bad businessmenare fighting day and night to win the lion's share of this project. And we implore to Allah that this project will strengthen the country's economy, and that poor people will find in it the development they aspire to.
Finally, foreign policy of Egypt is experiencing war in Gaza and conspiracy of some regional countries to reduce Egyptian influence in the region. They already succeeded partly is some of roles they have played in specific files through pumping money by some regional countries for fabricating crises and unrest to make the Egyptian policy suffer of.
Certainly, efforts are done constantly in this axis to confuse the Egyptian role.I hope that we recognize that. This a summary of those challenges.


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