Nation of Wars and Displacement
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Nation of Wars and Displacement
By Bassam Eleiwi
The Ottoman Empire has collapsed in 1916. Less than a year later, The British and the French divided the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire outside the Arabian Peninsula into areas of future British and French control or influence. That was based on what is
publically known as The Sykes–Picot Agreement
The Arabs or what I call “The Arabic-speaking peoples” due to the
fact that not all Arabs are Arabs, they woke up after 400 hundred years under Turks rule to face an unknown future in the arena of military power, economics, acute diplomacy and influence, none        of which these seinces the Arabs are good at
am not going to talk about our failure, as Arabs, in the world
arena. And, I don’t intend to talk about neither the influx of the Syrian refugees into Europe nor about the three-year-old child who had been thrown out of the sea to the coast as this is not the subject of this article. I am going to share with you a reflection of one hundred years of a nation’s loss. It is not a loss of a war, or a land, or a loss of shares in financial markets as any of these losses might be regained, but the loss which will never be regained, even though if the Arabs possess the wealth of the entire world, is the loss of HUMAN BEING
The figures associated with the series of events below is a summary of search in books, internet pages and some documents of United Nations of High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). They illustrate the number of refugees and immigrants who fled out of their motherlands across the Arab World due to wars and armed conflicts since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to the present time
Pardon me for repeating the word “Aftermath” because I believe that any war or armed or unarmed conflict is a disaster upon the soceity, land and nation regardless the outcome
In the aftermath of 1919 Syrian – French War, an unknown number of Syrians displaced in Syria
In the aftermath of 1934 Saudi – Yemeni War, an unknown number of Yemenis displaced in/outside Yemen
In the aftermath of 1948 War, between 520,000 to 900,000 Palestinians fled out of Palestine
In the aftermath of 1956 War between the Arabs, Israel, Britain and France, an unknown number of Egyptians fled inside Egypt
In the aftermath of 1962 Algerian War, around 91,000 Algerians fled to France
In the aftermath of 1967 War, around 372,000 Palestinians fled from Palestine and about 150.000 Syrians fled out of Golan Heights into Syria
In the aftermath of 1970 conflict between the Jordanians and the Palestinians, around 15,000 fled out Jordan
After 1973 War between the Arabs and Israel an undocumented number of Egyptians and Syrians fled into Egypt and Syria
In the aftermath of 1975 Lebanon Civil War, an unknown number of Lebanese fled to Syria and to rest of the world
In the aftermath of 1980 Iraq - Iran War, an undocumnted number of Iraqis fled to Syria and elsewhere around the world
In the aftermath of 1982 Lebanon War an unknown number Palestinians and Lebanese fled to Syria and elsewhere
In the aftermath of 1991 Gulf War around 1,000,000 Iraqi fled to neighboring Arab countries and the rest of the world
In the aftermath of 1994 Civil War in Yemen an undocumented number fled out of Yemen
In the aftermath of 2003 Iraq War around 1,500,000 fled to neighboring Arab countries and the rest of the world
In the aftermath of 2006 Lebanon War, an unknown number Palestinians and Lebanese fled to Syria and elsewhere
And since the outbreak of what is called “Arab Spring” on 18th December 2010 an undocumented number of Tunisians and Libyans have fled their motherlands. Meanwhile, in Syria bitterly and sadly more than 3,000,000 Syrians fled out of Syria, and more than 6.500,000 displaced inside Syria 
The available figures about Arab refugees, displaced and immigrants throughout the past century is around fourteen millions. Twelve millions and a half have fled away in the past thirteen years
Although refugees and emigration is a national catastrophe on the
entire nation and not only the affected country, the Arabs are still not capable and not competent enough to face up the challenges which lie ahead of them. Ironically enough they think that a few trucks of blankets, tenets, sugar, rice, wheat, potatoes and cooking oil will sort out the catastrophe of refugees and emigration
The chaos that the all the Arab states are living – whether those which were affected by the spring of the Arabs and changed into chaos and wreckage or those which were scourged by misfortune of extravagant wealth and people are panting after them from around the world – while not having strategies to stop the brutal and barbaric civil wars, armed conflicts, ethnic cleansing and genocide. In addition to not having policies to control the social, political and economic disorder all of which will increase number of immigrants and refugees day after another and will increase the flood of brain drain so people can secure a better, safer, and dignified life
  Oh, Nation of Arabic-speaking ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


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